The transporting and bunkering of LNG is becoming increasingly important to the energy strategies of archipelagos and coastal communities across the world.

Floating Transfer Terminal

The LNG Floating Transfer Terminal (FTT) has been developed to allow for small to mid scale LNG operations at significantly lower cost than a traditional jetty based fixed terminal. Importantly, it also has significantly less environmental impact in comparison to a traditional fixed terminal.

These communities have limited appetite for major civil works required for new harbours, quaysides and jetties due to environmental sensitivities and lack of readily available investment. Recognising this, marine design consultancy Houlder, power generation experts Wärtsilä and hose supplier Trelleborg have combined their talents for innovation to develop an alternative solution.

Houlder’s LNG Floating Transfer Terminal (FTT) solution is a cost-effective solution for transferring LNG between receiving ships up to 800m off the coast and shore based facilities.

The system can be ordered and installed in a much shorter timeframe than a conventional LNG terminal, without the need for large civil works. The system can also be easily re-deployed to other locations.

The system is based on a compact floating barge that connects to the LNG Carrier by means of Houlder and KLAW LNG transfer system and to the shore by Trelleborg’s cryogenic floating hoses. Its key components are identified below;


The Self-Propelled FTT Barge is an efficiently designed and simple steel or concrete barge.  The final design is dependent on detailed engineering design considerations, local building capabilities and client preferences.  It provides sufficient deck space to allow safe operations of the LNG equipment.

Trelleborg Cryoline Floating Hoses

Trelleborg Cryoline Floating Hoses are used for the transfer of LNG and Boil Off Gas (BOG) from the shore to the barge.  Bolted together 12m sections in 220m strings provide an efficient and safe LNG offshore transfer option with minimum BOG generation.  They combine high flexibility, reliability and long service life meeting LNG operators’ and contractors’ offloading requirements related to safety, flow rate capacity and operational availability.

KHOBRA  Transfer System

The KHOBRA  transfer system, developed by Houlder & KLAW LNG, facilitates the transfer of LNG from one vessel to another in a safe and controlled way. The system consists of a deployment crane, a motion compensated deployable Emergency Release System (ERS) manifold and Gas System.

KHOBRA’s key features include;

  • Uses standard marine knuckle boom crane
  • Minimises operating personnel
  • Flexible LNG transfer and / or vapour return lines – 4” to 8”
  • Safe operation (SIL 2)
  • Active emergency release and shutdown systems
  • Quick connection / disconnection
  • Easily aligned to different manifold arrangements
  • Monitors and compensates for vessel motions including limit detection system
  • Transfer of loads through secure landing frame
  • Proven gas handling components


The FTT is a flexible, quickly deployable solution that, thanks to a low draft barge and floating hoses, can operate in the widest possible range of locations at a fraction of the cost of fixed infrastructure.  Houlder and its partners are already discussing a range of applications in the Americas and Asia.

  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible
  • Low Environmental Impact
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