The road transportable mobile transfer system, developed by Houlder and KLAW LNG, provides a safe and efficient hybrid hose handling solution for small to mid-scale LNG applications where fixed insfrastructure is impractible.

Simpler, quicker to operate and more cost effective than fixed loading arms, the mobile LNG transfer system deploys a manifold connection and emergency release system to the receiving vessel. Given that LNG fuelling is an emergent market, Houlder recognises the need to ensure any capital expenditure on systems maximises flexibility. It has therefore a developed a truck based, mobile variant of the system to work from multiple sites and / or sites where fixed infrastructure is impractical.

The mobile solution retains the transfer system’s tensioner and compensation system that monitors and compensates for vessel motions and changes in draft. It protects the receiving vessel manifold from excessive forces during transfer and monitors the manifold position to check for vessel drift from the quayside and trigger emergency shutdown or, ultimately, release through breakaway couplers if limits are reached.  It does this from a self-contained road transportable container giving the operator the flexibility to pack up and move to another site for the next bunkering or refuelling operation.

Key components include

  • Uses standard marine knuckle boom crane
  • Minimises operating personnel
  • Flexible LNG transfer and / or vapour return lines – 4” to 8”
  • Safe operation (SIL 2)
  • Active emergency release and shutdown systems
  • Quick connection / disconnection
  • Easily aligned to different manifold arrangements
  • Monitors and compensates for vessel motions including limit detection system
  • Transfer of loads through secure landing frame
  • Proven gas handling components

The transfer system has been designed to provide small to mid-scale LNG operators with a cost-effective solution to maximise the efficiency and safety of LNG transfer. The mobile, truck based variant also maximises flexibility – a key requirement of the emerging LNG-as-fuel sector.

  • Innovative
  • Complete flexibility to fit your needs
  • Value for money
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