Houlder has designed a family of Floating Storage barges for service in shallow, near shore, port and harbour applications.

Designed to flexibly service a range of receiving vessels, Houlder FSU and FSRU barges provide an LNG transfer rate of 300m3/h and the option for MGO storage.

The 1500 cubic metre capacity barge design has the following Principal Dimensions.

  • Length overall           62.00
  • Breadth (Moulded)  16.00m
  • Depth                         4.70m
  • Draught                     2.50m

Key features include;

  • Low draft
  • Flexibility of location
  • Cost effective design
  • Integrated transfer system
  • Scalable

Design includes the following;

  • Dimensions can be configured for specific locations, incorporating for example a draught restriction, or others such as:- length, breadth, air draught, etc.
  • Compatibility with manifold of feeder vessel
  • Design to be compliant with the results of the Risk Assessment to be undertaken during the design stage
  • Hazardous areas for the barge to be compatible with those of the feeder vessel
  • An ESD system will be fitted to be compatible with designated replenishment vessel(s)
  • For the FSRU the LNG will be pumped to the atmospheric vaporisers and then sent to shore, via gas compressor(s) as required, a vapour manifold will be connected to the shore facilities
  • For the FSU there is the option to bunker MGO for supply to dual fuelled vessels
  • Low environmental footprint
  • Designed to minimise maintenance
  • A nitrogen storage system will be fitted
  • Mooring arrangements can be configured to be suitable for local conditions either with the vessel moored on fixed piles or with mooring lines.

Houlder’s FSU/FSRU barges have capacities from 1500 to 5,000 cubic metres. They are fitted with the following equipment;

  • Oily bilge pumps and storage tank
  • Seawater fire pump for firefighting
  • Drencher pump
  • Dry powder system for LNG firefighting
  • Ballast Pumps for controlling trim and draught
  • Bottle racks of Nitrogen for Purging lines

Houlder’s floating FSU/FRSU solutions are designed for the berthing dimensions and environmental conditions local to most existing and planned LNG developments.


  • Low environmental impact
  • Complete flexibility to fit your needs
  • Value for money
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