LNG feeder vessels

Houlder has designed a family of bunkering vessels capable of delivering LNG between distribution points and undertaking local bunkering and transfer operations.

A Houlder feeder vessel can transport up to 8,000m3 of LNG between ports and then act as a bunkering solution for refuelling and transfer near shore.


  • Cost Effective design
  • Integrated transfer system
  • Dimensions can be configured for specific locations
  • LNG transfer at 2 x 600m3/h
  • Safe LNG Operation
  • Houlder’s feeder vessels have capacities up to 8,000m3.
  • Compatible with manifold receiving vessels
  • Design to be compliant with results of risk assessment to be undertaken during design stage
  • Configured to supply both LNG and MGO for bunkering dual fuelled vessels

The 5000m3 vessel has the following particulars:


  • Deadweight: 3,000 tonnes
  • Length 110.0m
  • Breadth: 18.0m
  • Depth: 10.0m
  • Draught: 5.9m
  • Service speed: 12 knots
  • Propulsion: Dual-fuel diesel electric
  • LNG tanks: 2 x 2,500m3 Bi Lobe type “C”
  • Bunkers: 200 tons MGO for “sale”
  • 85 tons MGO for vessel

Houlder’s Feeder vessels have been designed for the berthing dimensions and environmental conditions local to most existing and planned LNG developments.

  • Value for Money
  • Complete flexibility to fit your needs
  • Low environmental impact
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