Houlder has designed a series of self -propelled, low draft LNG Bunker Barges to enable delivery of LNG Bunkers to a number of ports.

The barge design can be configured to interface with the LNG supply vessel or export terminal and will be capable of delivering the LNG to a range of vessels to be bunkered. The design incorporates insulated C Type tanks.

Key features include;

  • Low draft
  • Integrated transfer system
  • LNG transfer rates of 300m3/h
  • LNG Capacities up to 3,500m3
  • Scalable

Houlder’s 2,000m3 in port bunkering barge has the following particulars;

  • Length Overall 60.00m
  • Breadth (Moulded) 17.00m
  • Depth 6.7m

It carries the following additional equipment;

  • LD & HD Compressors
  • Nitrogen unit for purging lines
  • Submerged cargo pumps
  • Two fuelling stations
  • 18m reach crane
  • Yokohama fenders

In addition to LNG, Houlder’s in port barges can carry up to 300t of Marine Gas Oil meaning they are ideally
suited to supporting dual fuel vessels

Houlder’s LNG barges can be designed for the berthing dimensions and environmental conditions local to the
existing or planned LNG developments.



  • Low environmental impact
  • Complete flexibility to fit your needs
  • Value for money
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